Wine & Cheese

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Sit back, relax and breathe just like your wine will, our decanter will take wine from good, to better, to best! Pour your wine through the inner bowl of the aerator, cork and sediment will be removed; wine streams through 6 breathing holes and aerates. After flowing down the sides of the decanter, the wine spreads out and rests at the wide...
Cheers to the season! Our battery operated, non-stick coated helix screw removes the cork in one smooth motion while preventing cork damage. Press the bottom button for cork release. Features a foil cutter that doubles as a base when not in use. Four AA Duracell batteries included.

Colour: Stainless
Size: 10 7/8" h x 1 7/8" w x 1 7/8" d...
Now you can chill your next bottle without diluting your wine or beverage of choice. Crafted out of handmade glass, this elegant decanter with Stainless Steel ice core makes the elongated design the perfect tabletop accent. The decanter allows the wines to breathe, revealing the full flavor of the vintage. Features a removable interior core for...
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