Led Flashlights

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Compact and yet extremely powerful, made of anodized Aluminum, this flashlight puts out an amazing 110 lumens. Use a soft touch on the tail cap switch to transition between an high output beam, low beam and strobe function. To adjust the beam, the flashlight utilizes a push/pull head for convenience. Its small size makes it easy to store in your...
The anodized Aluminum body with break resistant lens is dust proof and weather resistant to withstand virtually all weather/work conditions. Large diameter head and tactical design produces a tightly focused beam with enough surround lighting for peripheral vision. An excellent flashlight for search/spotlight applications. Use the soft touch...
Perfect to have hanging around or magnetically attached to your car, in your garage, the home or in case of an emergency situation. The quality COB worklight (chip on board) light that provides a powerful lantern like effect which will surely light up your whole work area bright as day. Includes a pivoting fold away hook and comes with three AAA...
Designed to be sleek and compact, with a tactical look, strike bezel and Stainless Steel carry clip. The anodized Aluminum body is condensed to fit in your pocket or to fit perfectly in your hand while still offering a comfortable grip. The light features a rotary action focus ring which allows you to adjust from a tight, long distance beam to a...
A diverse multi-function flashlight/worklight that is great for the garage or in the car and can prove to be useful in emergency situations, at the same time it can cover many different kinds of applications for different uses. It is equipped with a 3W flashlight head which is capable of tilting up to 90"" and has a folding clip for hanging the...
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